You Can Go Home

There is something in my heart that wants to go home. If find that desire strange because I have a home and a family and a career I love. And yet there is this inkling in my heart that I am not at home and that all of these great things are just shadows pointing me to a home I once had and will one day get to go back to. … More You Can Go Home

God In A Manger

Jesus set aside the riches of heaven to be born on a dirt floor in the presence of a wearied mom and a bewildered dad. And then he was placed not in a comfortable crib. Instead, he was placed in a rough, cold, germ filled-manger.

Why? Because life on this sin stained planet isn’t comfy or particularly safe.
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Just Say Yes

This Christmas many of us are at a crossroads. For so many years we’ve given ourselves to earning God’s love. So we’ve tried to be good enough. And now our lives our filled with anxious striving. And we are in danger of missing the greatest gift God has given. … More Just Say Yes