Immeasurably More

IMMEASURABLY MORE But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more. Romans 5:20   Our sin is great, and it has grave consequences. Sin distances us from God. It brings guilt and shame. It damages relationships, steals joy, mars goodness, disfigures beauty and destroys life. In other words, sin leads to death.   So consider … More Immeasurably More

Daily Devotional: Ordinary People

Mary was an unlikely candidate to be Jesus’ mom.  She was poor.  She was living in a small town off the beaten path.  Most of the people living around her were uneducated herdsmen.  She didn’t have the resources to launch Jesus’ ministry.  She wasn’t even married.  Quite frankly, Mary was ordinary.  She was as common as mud.  And yet God used her in an extraordinary way. … More Daily Devotional: Ordinary People

Daily Devotional: Prodigals Get Parties

What will it be like when you stand before God?  For whatever reason some of us fear this moment.  We think when we stand before God we will see a frustrated frown.  We imagine hearing disappointed words like: Why can’t you get it right?  When are you going to make me proud?  Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done. … More Daily Devotional: Prodigals Get Parties

Daily Devotional: God Is Our Father

To accept God’s grace is to accept God’s offer to be adopted into his family.  This is great news to consider because while there may be many unplanned pregnancies, there has never been an unplanned adoption.  You see adoptions are by definition purposeful.  They are done with thoughtful care and attentive choosing.  Additionally, people don’t often adopt because they have to.  On the contrary, most adoptions flow out of an abundance of love.  In this I want you to see that God purposefully picked you because he wanted you.  … More Daily Devotional: God Is Our Father