Daily Devotional: Grace Call Us To Jesus

It is a fatal misunderstanding of grace to suppose that grace excuses us from following Jesus.  In fact all throughout the New Testament we see that grace bring forgiveness but it also empowers obedience to Jesus.  In other words grace without discipleship, obedience, and sacrifice isn’t grace at all because grace isn’t just about the forgiveness of sins, it is also about becoming like Jesus. … More Daily Devotional: Grace Call Us To Jesus

Advent – December 22 – Fulfillment

What God is revealing here is that Jesus is the fulfiller and the fulfillment of God’s promises.  Jesus is the perfect prophet because he is the perfect word of God wrapped in flesh.  Jesus is the great high priest because he will make a perfect sacrifice for sin.  Finally, Jesus is the King of Kings because he will establish God’s kingdom of peace and righteousness.  In the coming days, we will look more closely at how Jesus fulfills these promises but for today, simply take some time and praise God for keeping his promises to you. … More Advent – December 22 – Fulfillment

Advent: December 20 – Already Like God

In God’s story our identity is always something we receive, not something we achieve.  We see this in the very beginning.  Adam and Eve didn’t do anything to be made in God’s image.  It wasn’t that God held a competition and the humans won out, so we got to be crowned with glory.  No, being made in God’s image was something God did.  It was a gift of grace to celebrate, rest in, and enjoy by faith. … More Advent: December 20 – Already Like God

You Can Go Home

There is something in my heart that wants to go home. If find that desire strange because I have a home and a family and a career I love. And yet there is this inkling in my heart that I am not at home and that all of these great things are just shadows pointing me to a home I once had and will one day get to go back to. … More You Can Go Home