Waiting While Doing

Today and tomorrow we are going to journey with Zechariah as he waits for God to answer his prayers. I think the greatest fear we carry when it comes to prayer is not being heard. After all, not being heard can communicate that our concerns don’t matter and, subsequently, that we don’t matter.

This is where Zechariah finds himself as he goes to the temple to work his job. He had asked God to give him a child, and for years it seemed that God was not listening. I wonder if Zechariah ever felt forgotten by God. If he did, this must have been troubling for a man whose name literally means “My God Remembers.” … More Waiting While Doing

A Time to Wait

Advent is a time when we remember Jesus’ first coming. It is a familiar story to many of us. It is a true story for all of us. But it isn’t the end of the story for any of us because Jesus hasn’t come back. So, we live longing for a breakthrough from heaven. For Jesus to finish what he started. For our king to give us the kingdom he has promised. Simply put, we are people in waiting. … More A Time to Wait

Growth Through Pain

I haven’t been doing well the last couple of day. I jacked up my foot about a week ago playing Capture the Flag with the middle school ministry at the church. (In case you’re wondering. I led our team to a 2 – 1 victory that night, but I’ve paid dearly for it since.) But victory isn’t the focus of this post. Trial is. So back to the point.

More Growth Through Pain