A Time of Judgment

This week we come to the Advent theme of judgment. This theme of Jesus’ second coming makes many of us uneasy. Often, we struggle to embrace the reality that Jesus is a God of both love and justice. So, it has become popular to skip over the Biblical passages that highlight Jesus’ coming judgment. Yet Jesus spoke often about hell, judgment and God’s wrath, so wisdom would suggest that we listen. … More A Time of Judgment

More Room at the Table

Today we are going to prepare to celebrate Jesus’ second coming by remembering that Jesus is an expansive Savior. His arms are open to all kinds of people. At the wedding feast of the Lamb there will be people from every tribe, nation, background, and race. There will be prodigals and prostitutes. Saints and sinners. People we like and people we are convinced won’t be there. … More More Room at the Table

Zechariah’s Song of Praise

Today we are going to learn how to celebrate this Advent from Zechariah’s song of praise. In our passage for today we see that after an extended season of silence, Zechariah could finally speak. For him, there was no better way to break the long months of silence than by praising God. So Zechariah filled his lungs with air and ended the silence: Blessed be the Lord God…for he has visited and redeemed his people! … More Zechariah’s Song of Praise

Make Room For Joy

Right now, all over the world people are stringing lights, playing special music, baking cookies, making memories, buying gifts and preparing lavish feasts. They are interrupting their long waiting with a little celebrating. Make sure you join them. It will be good for you, and it is what God invites you to.   

More Make Room For Joy

A Time of Celebration

In Revelation 19:1 – 9 we see that when Jesus returns there is a great celebration. All of the saints from all generations gather together to worship Jesus for who he is and what he has done. This grand celebration includes moments of joy-filled worship from a triumphant church that culminates with the marriage supper of the Lamb, where there is eating and drinking and perhaps even a little dancing. … More A Time of Celebration