Jesus Is Simple

Jesus Is Simple


Jesus said, “Follow me!”

  • John 21:22


Here is something Jesus is teaching me this summer: Simplicity is the secret to seeing my life clearly. And my, how I want to see life clearly. I want to know what to give myself to and what to turn away from. I want to be free from distractions and cluttered thinking. And so I am super thankful that Jesus is so stinking simple. He has given me one command that I totally understand: Follow me.


Here is something else Jesus is teaching me: The minute I hesitate in following him is the minute the fog of complexity settles in and muddles my life. And so the best way to lift that fog is to get back to Jesus’ simple invitation. 


So here is the phrase I am praying gets lived out more fully in my life this coming summer: Keep your life simple. Follow Jesus

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