Daily Devotional: Greater Than Our Sin



But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God.

  • Hebrews 10:12

When we sin Jesus is in heaven sitting down.  This truth is profound.  It helps us to see that Jesus is not worried that our sin will be greater than his sacrifice.  He is not pacing the floor of heaven wondering if our failures will hinder his plans to bless us.  He is not the least bit concerned that the severity of our sin will ruin his plan to save us.  Instead, he is seated because he is confident that his single sacrifice on the cross is sufficient to cover all of our sins, all of our shortcomings, and all of our failures.

Often when we sin the image we have of Jesus is that of a shocked and disappointed God who mutters to himself, “I can’t believe it.  I never saw that coming.  That sin is too big to forgive.”

Instead, we should see that Jesus is sitting down.  He knew we would stumble.  He knew we would fail.  And he knew that his single sacrifice would deal with the whole of our sin, not just part of our sin.  Sadly, though, we often have a bigger estimation of our sin than we have of our savior.

Today Jesus is inviting you to enjoy his grace by sitting down when you sin.  Practically, this means that when you sin you repent and come to him, instead of frantically running about trying to clean and cover up your sin.  Additionally, sitting down with Jesus when you sin means you stop being anxious about what you have done and wondering if you went too far for his grace to reach you; instead you rest in what Jesus has already done on the cross to save and forgive you.  Finally, sitting down with Jesus means you stop punishing yourself for your sin.  You are free and forgiven and Jesus is sitting down.

So here is the questions: Are you sitting down?  The choice is actually very simple.  Either Jesus bore all of your sins or none of your sins; he either saves you once for all or not at all.  So make your choice.  Trust Jesus and sit down.

Please share your reflection in the comment section:

What specific sin in your life seems too big for Jesus to forgive?  Repent of that sin today and move on knowing that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross means all your sin is forgiven.  Additionally this week make it a habit to sit down daily with Jesus to share your sin and your struggles.  Daily seek his forgiveness instead of carrying around your guilt and shame.  Daily allow Jesus to forgive you and cleanse you.   


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