The Greatest Story


The Bible is the greatest story ever told.  It is about a Creator who made a beautiful world for his people to enjoy.  It is about how a terrible darkness entered God’s very good creation.  It is about willful rebels being kicked out of paradise and longing for a safe passage home.  And most importantly, the Bible is the story of a loving Creator overcoming the darkness and welcoming hardened rebels home.


Christmas is a time for us to remember God’s great story.  Certainly we can do this all throughout the year but, at least for me, there is something about this season with the music, the presents, and the lights pushing back dark winter nights that invites me to find my place in God’s great story of rescue and redemption.


So this Christmas I want to invite you on a journey to reflect on God’s great story – to remember who we are, and how we got here – to reflect on the promises God has made, and on his track record for keeping those promises.  I want us to recall that our lives today are shaped by an unfolding story of grace.  And this story isn’t over.  God is inviting us into it, if we will simply trust in the child who sits at the center of it – the one on whom everything depends – the baby who was born to die.


My prayer for you and me, during this Christmas season, is that remembering God’s great story will help us make sense of our own stories.


Sociologists have recently observed that our culture no longer has an overarching story that gives it a sense of meaning and direction.  Without this story, our culture lacks clarity about how to move forward, individually and collectively.  The end result is the chaos, confusion, and anger we see in and around us.


This past year has certainly been a year of anger and confusion in our country.  In reflecting on this reality, I am convinced that the best gift we can give and receive this Christmas is a great story.  A story that tells us why we are here, what went wrong, and what God is doing to bring healing.  A story that invites us into hope, peace, and our own personal transformation.


Thankfully, this is the story God tells every Christmas and it is ours for the taking if we will slow down, listen, and believe.  So this next month I will be posting several Christmas devotional to help that happen for us.


Every few days leading up to Christmas you will find on this blog a short passage from the Bible and a reflection that highlights one theme in God’s great story.  As you read and reflect, remember God isn’t sitting on the other side of the universe, hoping you might stumble upon his story.  He isn’t far away or removed from your present reality.  He knows your name.  He remembers your face.  He is with you and near you.  He is telling you a great story about his love, and he is inviting you to find your place in it.


Merry Christmas!  May this next year be even better than the last!

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