God’s Word About You




Jesus can hew heaven out of worse timber than I am.

  • Samuel Rutherford


The most important question you will ever answer is who are you?  The answer you give to this question will determine the life you live and the legacy you leave.


In the first chapter of Ephesians, Paul reminds a group of Christians of their true identity in Jesus.  This identity is not earned, nor is it for a select few people.  This identity is freely given by God to all people who know and follow Jesus.


In verse 2 we see that those who trust in Jesus are described as faithful saints.  This means in Jesus we are set apart and holy.  The reason we are set apart and holy is because Jesus died in our place and for our sins.  This means when God looks at us he sees us as if we never sinned.


Now at first glance we may not embrace this part of our identity.  We may be tempted to say, “If you really knew me you would never say such a thing.”


But God knows all that we have done, all that we will do and he has a word to describe us and God’s word about us is truer than all the words about what we have done.  In Jesus we are faithful saints.


You don’t need to be around Christians for very long to know that this part of our identity is hard to see.  After all, Christians fail.  Christians struggle.  Christians commit crimes and acts of injustice.  Christians are no better than other people.


And yet God is not squeamish about associating with us, nor is he afraid to tell us the truth about who we are in Jesus.  In Jesus we are faithful saints.


So why does God insist in calling us saints?  Because in Christ this is who we really are.  Furthermore, the more we embrace God’s truth the more we will be holy as he is holy.


So today remember you are a faithful saint.  You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession.


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