Prodigals Get Parties


What will it be like when you stand before God?  For whatever reason some of us fear this moment.  We think when we stand before God we will see a frustrated frown.  We imagine hearing disappointed words like: Why can’t you get it right?  Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

The truth is most of us already know what we’ve done.  We’ve been thinking about it for years.  For some of us, what we’ve done keeps us from coming to God.  But still there is that sense, that being with God is better.  So we start moving toward him again, rehearsing our I’m Not Worthy Speech.

But wait.  Grace tells a different story.  Grace says that while we were drawing near, God saw us and he felt compassion for us.  Grace reveals a God who runs to embrace us.  Grace says that while we are trying to get out our “I’m not worthy” God was setting up for a great party.

Why?  Because grace says prodigals get parties.  In other words, grace says we get what we do not deserve.  Let that truth linger in your soul.  Let that draw you near to God with full assurance of his love.  All he wants is for you to come home.

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