In Search of a Family



God is doing a miraculous work in our world.  He is creating a family known for its love.  He is crafting a community of diverse people who serve generously and break bread together fearlessly.


God’s work in our world is good news because everyone wants to find true intimacy.  After all isolation is lonely and sometimes the loneliness becomes as big as our country.


When this happens a restlessness grows in the human heart because we were built for love and loyalty – for vulnerable moments – for exchanging truth about ourselves – for being known in a family.


Simply put: it is not good for us to be alone.


So God is working to create a family known by its love.  The creation of this family is as miraculous as turning water into wine, giving recovery of sight to the blind and bringing life into a tomb filled with death.


Why?  Because we are constantly distracted by insecurity and held captive by shame.


Insecurity and shame are enemies to intimacy.  They cause us to go into hiding.  And if not dealt with, they will lead us to tell stories about ourselves that are not true.


And so God comes to us and he says: You are loved as you are, not as you pretend to be, and you are welcomed into my family.


Our response to God’s invitation is to set aside shame and insecurity so we can walk bravely into genuine community.  This is a struggle for all of us.  So God walks alongside us as we find it, cultivate it and grow as a family.

One thought on “In Search of a Family

  1. Thank you again , Charlie. For reminding me that God put us in families..not necessarily those we are born into. He gives us so much more through His family in our small groups and churches.


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