Being Guided


Everyone needs a guide.  Frodo needed Gandalf to get to Mount Doom.  Luke needed Obi-Wan to defeat Darth Vader.  And Tommy Boy needed Richard to teach him to sell brake pads so he could get the girl and save the family business.

Guides shape our lives in profound ways.  They tell us what matters most.  They help us see what needs to change.  They remind us we have what it takes and sometimes they say hard things to help us get better.

In the Bible we see that God wants to guide us.  He wants to give us a playbook for living that actually works.  He wants to clear away the clutter so we have a compelling path forward.  And so God invites us to trust him with all our heart.

So the question becomes: What does being guided by God actually look like? 

It is very simply.  We read the Bible and we do what God calls us to.

Doing this is pretty easy when we agree with God.  But God’s plan isn’t just to guide us in the areas of life where we already agree with him.  His plan is to guide us in all areas.  He wants his word to be a lamp that lights the way forward.

So the question is never do I want to do this or do I agree with this?

The question is always has God called me to this?

If the answer is yes, we let him guide the way.

It should be said, a lot of things God wants us to do won’t make sense.  They seem counterproductive and counter-intuitive.  I mean consider just a few of God’s most basic commands: love your enemies, forgive as you’ve been forgiven, love your neighbor as yourself, and submit to those in authority.

All these things are easy to talk about but fairly hard to do.

But we must do them.


It’s what being guided is all about.  You see, we haven’t learned to let God guide us until we do what he says despite our concern that his way won’t work.

So as you go through your day, let God guide the way forward!

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