Be Clear and Courageous



Last week I had breakfast with some pretty amazing people, who are doing some pretty amazing work in my community.  These people lead an organization in Fort Collins that serves people in need and this organization seeks to lead these people to healing and health.


As they talked about what they did, I was so impressed.  These people are doing great work.  They play an essential role in my community.


So I asked them: What do you guys need from me to keep doing this amazing work?


The answer was money.  But they struggled to get there.  So at first they told me they’d like me to pray about how I’d like to encourage them.


Now I’m all for prayer.  But I wondered is that really what they wanted from me or were they just scared to tell me what they really need.


Additionally, I’m all for talking to God, but I’m also trusting God is going to tell them what they need from me, because they are the people he has called to lead that amazing organization.  So most likely, if I talk to God, he’s just going to tell me to talk to the people he’s called to lead.


So I asked them: What specific need do you guys want me to pray about meeting?


The answer was pray about giving us money.  But they struggled to be clear.  Instead they said, “pray about supporting us.”


Now I’m all for supporting people, but I was left wondering what kind of support do you need.  Is there some work at the office you want me to help with?  Do you want me to counsel some of your clients?


So I asked them: Specifically what kind of support are you looking for? 


Finally. Clarity. We need money.


Now I get that it is hard to ask people for money.  But as this meeting went on, I started thinking of all the times that I am unclear because I either don’t believe that what I do matters or I’m afraid of rejection.  And then I started to think of all the time I was kind of telling people what I need, and all the time I could save if I was clear and courageous.


To be honest, I think it’s easier to not put ourselves out there.  It’s easier to be vague and unclear.  Then no one get hurt.  No one risks rejection.  No one ever has to hear no.


But here is the tragic thing.  If we never ask, we will never hear yes.  If we never take a bold step of faith, we’ll never see God show up in supernatural ways.  And this is tragic not only for us personally, it’s tragic for the work we do.  Because our work matters.  People’s lives are being impacted by the dreams and visions God has given.


So I looked at my friends and I said: Be clear and courageous.  What you do matters too much to allow your needs be unmet and no one will have the opportunity to meet your needs unless you clearly tell them what you need.  


I think that’s good advice for all of us.  What we do matters.  God has called each one of us into very important work.  And each one of us has real needs.  No one is going to make it alone.  And God wants to work through the people around us to support, encourage and empower the work he’s called us to.  God wants the visions he’s placed in our hearts to find life in reality.


So remember, what you do matters!  Be uncommonly clear and be incredibly courageous.




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