Knowing vs Doing

percy warner walk (60 of 118)

This year I’m reading through the Bible again.  Why?

It’s not because I don’t know it. (Although I’m certain there is a lot I don’t know and I am pumped to learn more.)  But that’s not the reason I’m disciplining myself to read the whole Bible again.  The reason I am reading through the Bible again is that I came to a place where I realized I had gotten sloppy at taking God at his word and doing it.  In other words, I wanted to challenge myself this year not to know more but to do more.  So this journey though God’s word isn’t about more understanding.  It’s about more doing.  More living.  More loving.  More taking God at his word and springing into action.


Here is a conviction I have: knowledge isn’t a mark of maturity. Maturity is marked by what we do with what we know.  For example a mature person isn’t someone who knows all the benefits of exercise.  Nor is a mature person someone who has good intentions about working out.  Nor is a mature person someone who listens to a host of podcasts about getting into shape, while eating cheesecake on the couch.  A mature person is someone who puts on shoes and goes for a run.


The trouble is I can deceive myself by thinking knowing is enough.  So this year isn’t about learning for me, this year is about doing.


And honestly I’m pumped to see where it takes me.

One thought on “Knowing vs Doing

  1. Our small group is studying “Mere Christianity.” Lewis talks about the same thing when it comes to understanding the Trinity. How much do you need to know in order to take your next breath? What you need to know is only enough to live this moment even though you don’t fully understand the process called “breathing.” Dad

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