Want To Be Seen?


Last night I got home late from a conference I was attending and my kids jumped into my arms.  I was pretty pumped to see them, but mostly I was tired from a long day of traveling.  So I kind of wanted to head up stairs to bed, but I knew I couldn’t.  I needed to see them, wrestle with them, look them in the eyes, hear their voices, and lean into their lives.  Why? Because they needed to be seen.

Every last one of us needs to be seen.  We need someone who leans into our lives.  It’s a universal desire.  And if it doesn’t get met, our desire to be seen will lead us to do everything we can to get noticed, whether it’s obsessively using social media, buying new stuff, acting out, or trying to impress the people around us.  In all of this, we are asking one really important question: Does anyone notice me?

I’m really thankful that God doesn’t leave that question unanswered.  Instead he tells us that he notices us and that our lives matter to him.  So much so that he counts the hairs on our heads and offered his life to save us.

It’s almost like God knew that we would wonder if our lives matter to anyone, so he said in the most definitive way possible: Your life matters to me! 

Can you imagine what would happen if we lived our lives knowing that God notices us – that he’s leaning into our lives – that he hears our voice – that he is interested in our story?  I think we would experience peace and wholeness in our hearts.  I think we would rest knowing that the God who made us is watching over us.  I think we could breath easy, because our greatest desire has been satisfied.

So today, as an act of faith, live knowing that God notices you.  He isn’t a dad who goes upstairs because he’s too tired to interact with you.  Instead he gets down on the ground, he looks you in the eyes and he says: Your life matters to me! I notice you!!!

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