Jesus Is Better

Jesus Is Better

Here is something I am trying to remember today: Jesus is better than anything and everything.  He is the heir of all things, which means all things in heaven and on earth belong to him.  Additionally Jesus created and is currently sustaining all things, which means all creation exists and is existing by Jesus.

So is there anything great in this world that excites you?  Is there any great artist whose paintings move your soul?  Is there any great athlete whose game you take pleasure in watching?  Is there any great musician whose music you love to hear?  Is there any great author whose books fill your time?  Is there any great thinker whose thoughts shape your life?

Jesus stands above them all.  And all of their abilities, intellect and creativity flow from him.  Sure, some may deny this.  Sure, some may even take the abilities that come from Jesus and use them to mock him.  But the truth remains, all things come from Jesus and Jesus is ten million times greater in every realm, except the realm of sin.

To grasp this reality, imagine that you took all the great artists of every country and every century of the world and you put them in a room with Jesus.  So sitting in one corner is Monet and in another is Picasso and in another is the great Michelangelo.  As Jesus puts his paint on the canvas, they would all gaze in amazement and feel small in comparison to Jesus.

This is true for every human endeavor.  All the great physicists would listen to his theories of physics.  All the great biologists would lean in to hear his understanding of life.  All the great musicians would weep as he performed.  Even Lebron James would sit the bench to Jesus.  He is ten million times better than any person we admire.  Words simply fall short of describing the greatness of Jesus.  Perhaps the only words that come close are from one of his doubters who eventually became a follower.  “Jesus you are my Lord and my God.”[1]

So in light of Jesus’ greatness, here are some questions to consider: What things do you find yourself putting above Jesus? Are there people whose opinion you value more than Jesus’ opinion?  Are there words you listen to above Jesus’ words?  Make a list of all the things you are tempted to see as better than Jesus and today ask Jesus to take his rightful place in your life.

[1] John 20:28

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