The Truth About Preaching

I can’t tell you how many people I meet who think preparing and preaching a sermon is glamorous. Let me clear the air. It’s not. It’s like working in a dusty coal mine because often you spend hours mining the Bible and then your soul to find words, polish them and then place them in a setting that helps people connect the Bible to their life.

All that is to say every preacher has to work through a lot of dirt to find words and images that work. So here’s the reality: preparing a good sermon is hard work.  It demands something of you. The weeks that I preach, always leave me exhausted.  After some weeks, I seriously want to quit and find an easier job.  I say this not to draw attention to myself put to highlight why I am so thankful to be on a preaching team.

For so long, preaching has been a solo sport and I think this is tragic because preaching is a burden better shared.  You see that great line that people remember doesn’t just fall out of the sky because God loves the preacher more than other people.  It is often mined by hours of digging and searching. Simply put: Great preachers are not brilliant or more loved by God; they are hard workers who believe that God’s Word has something to say.

So if you teach the Bible, I want to say thanks for working hard and I want to encourage you to find a few people who can share the burden with you.

Finally, if you want to teach the Bible, you’d better be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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