December 4 – Grace Came Through Jesus

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hamilton

This month I want to help us prepare for Christmas by reflecting on God’s Grace.  If you want an overview of what I’m trying to accomplish, read the first blog post in this series called A Month To Remember God’s Grace.  

Below is the Reflection for today.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 

  • John 1:17

The essence of grace is the good news that the debt of our sin has been paid by Jesus’ death on the cross.  Because of Jesus’ death for us, God now extends to us the free gift of eternal forgiveness, love, acceptance and life.   While all of this is true and demands our joyful praise, we should never be glib about grace.  Grace is a free gift to us, but it cost God his only Son.

You see, for us to receive grace, Jesus, the rich king of heaven, became poor.  He humbled himself and became like us.  He took on flesh and dwelt among us.  Above all, he laid down his life meaning on the cross he took the punishment we deserve to give us the forgiveness we do not deserve.  All of this is the price God paid so we could be saved by grace.

Do you see what this means?  Grace has a price tag and the price isn’t cheap.  It cost God his only Son.  And yet because of grace God did not reckon his Son too high a price to pay to redeem our life.  And so he delivered Jesus up for us.

Additionally Jesus didn’t consider his life too high a price to pay.  The Bible tells us he freely gave his life to ransom many.  So this Christmas enjoy grace, but remember it isn’t cheap.  It is costly because it came through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.



What is the most costly gift you’ve ever given?  What kind of sacrifice did you make to give this gift?  How does knowing all that God sacrificed to give you the gift of grace make you feel?


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