December 3 – We Need Grace Everyday

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hamilton

This month I want to help us prepare for Christmas by reflecting on God’s Grace.  If you want an overview of what I’m trying to accomplish, read the first blog post in this series called A Month To Remember God’s Grace.  

Below is the Reflection for today.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. 

  • 1 Corinthians 16:23

In almost every letter that the Apostle Paul writes he includes a prayer that God’s grace will be with those who receive and read his words.  This isn’t a polite or pious expression.  It is Paul’s earnest desire born out of a deep conviction that all people need God’s grace just like all fish need water.

Have you ever seen a fish out of water?  It doesn’t do very well.  It wriggles and flaps and gasps for air.  Additionally if the fish doesn’t get back into the water it will die because a fish is not made for land and because of our sin we are not made for a life without grace.

You see without grace we are distant from the source of our life.   The Bible makes this abundantly clear.  We have been created to know and love our Creator but sin has driven us away from God and it is God’s grace that finds us and brings us close to him again.  And so grace must be the habitat of our souls.  It is the water we must swim in because with grace we can dive deep in knowing and enjoying God.  In other words, grace is to us like water is to a fish.  Grace is essential.


What happens in your life on the days when you fail to live in light of God’s grace?  What are your attitudes and actions like on those days? 

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