A Month To Remember God’s Grace

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hamilton

Christmas always reminds me of God’s grace.  After all we didn’t earn the coming of Jesus.  None of us so impressed God with our good behavior that he had to lay down his life to clean up the mess of our sin.

And yet the central message of the Bible is that God so loved the world that he sent his only son to save the world.  That message drips with grace.  Additionally God is pretty passionate about that message being heard.  So much so that he plays out that message in every page of the Bible and in all the pages of human history.  God seemingly can’t help hugging prodigals and welcoming us home.

Sadly grace is something many of us miss.  Sure we may be saved by it, but often we don’t live in light of it.  Perhaps this has to do with a misunderstanding of grace, which is understandable because grace is hard to comprehend.  After all, grace is counter intuitive.  How could an offended God embrace his enemies?  How could a Sovereign King give his life for rebels?

Because of our misunderstandings of grace many of us live our lives in fear that God’s grace will one day run out – that our sin will one day become greater than our savior – that we will finally write a check too big and drain the bank account of God’s kindness.  But this isn’t true.  Grace is better than we know and more than we can hold.  Just like we won’t drain the ocean with a thimble, we won’t drain the vastness of God’s grace within our lifetime or any lifetime for that matter.

This Christmas I want us to grow in our understanding of grace.  Part of this desire is personal, meaning, I am growing in my own awareness of my need to live each day in light of God’s grace, while part of this desire is pastoral, meaning, more and more I am convinced that grace must set the climate and the culture of our lives.

So during this December I want to challenge us to take time to remember God’s grace.

Here is how I want to help this happen for you and me.  Each day this month, I’ll post a short reflection on God’s grace.  At the end of each reading you will find several questions for reflection.  Take some time each day to write down your thoughts from the reflection questions and share them on this blog and with your family and friends.  Lord willing this will help all of us to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who came so that we might receive grace upon grace.

As you go through this journey, feel free to invite your family and friends by sharing the posts and always remember God’s grace is rooted in Jesus.  Meaning, grace comes to us because Jesus came for us.  Grace saves because Jesus died in our place and for our sins.  Grace lives because Jesus rose from the grave.  And so to experience grace we must always remember that grace is not so much an idea, or a doctrine, grace is a person and his name is Jesus.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Charlie

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