Life Is A Gift…Be Glad

Photo Credit: Mikaela Hamilton

Thanksgiving is coming up in a little more than a week, so I thought it would be encouraging to start a series of posts about gifts that God has given to all of us.  I hope these posts help us recognize God’s goodness and bring us into a season of thankfulness.

Let’s start with life.

Here is building block #1 for making sense of life.  God is our creator.  

The Bible teaches clearly that God knit us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139).  This means God wasn’t taking the day off when we were made and our life isn’t an accident.  Instead, God was personally involved.  He made our personality, our physical attributes, our abilities, our intellect, our tastes and our temperaments.

Do you see the significance of this?  You are God’s handiwork and your life is a gift.  So when you look in the mirror, don’t complain and don’t compare.  God loves what he see.  You are his unique creation and your life is a gift.

Furthermore, God reveals in Genesis 1:26 that we are created in his image.  This means that our life has value.  We are not highly evolved animals trying to make it through the evolutionary process of time and chance.  We are image bearers of the most High God.  As such we are valuable because God is valuable.  We are beautiful because God is beautiful.  We have dignity not because of what we accomplish, but because God made us.

Now here is the great news.  God didn’t give you the gift of life so that you could run away from him.  Instead he gave you the gift of life so that you could love and be loved by him.  In this I want you to see that God wants to talk with you and guide you.  He wants to protect and provide for you.  He wants you to surrender your life entirely to his care so that you experience his love, his joy and his life.  This is the most reasonable thing to do because we were made by God and for God.  Our life is a gift.

So here is a question for you to consider today.  Do you see your life as a gift from God?  If so how is that changing your life today?  If not, what is keeping you from seeing your life as a gift from a good, loving, generous God?

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