3 Things to Remember In Hard Times

As a pastor, I often get a front row seat to the brokenness in this world because typically no one calls their pastor to talk about how great life is going. Instead, pastors get called when someone is sick or dying or when a couple is struggling to make it or when the loneliness become unbearable. In other words, people call pastors when they come face to face with the reality that life is hard and suffering is real.
More 3 Things to Remember In Hard Times

Jesus is Life

Every day we are pitched thousands of products that promise life: Buy this piece of technology and you will have life. Purchase this home and you will have life. Wear this article of clothing and you will have life. Use this product and you will have life. Follow this person on social media and you will have life. … More Jesus is Life

Jesus Is Audacious

Jesus is audacious. He said things that were bold and controversial. He claimed to be God. He set himself up as the singular solution to the problems that pervade our planet. He said we are wrong and need to repent from our sin and he said there is no way back to God, except through him. These claims are bold and shocking and eventually they got Jesus killed.  … More Jesus Is Audacious